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How to Join Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory

Process for Domain Join Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory is very easy and straight forward. Ubuntu 22.04 is latest version of Ubuntu which is come along with lots of new features and enhanced user interface. Earlier integration of Ubuntu with Windows Active Directory is very limited to login process only. Now with latest version of Ubuntu we can do more than login process like applying group policy with Adsys.

Here is step by step process in which we can learn how to join Ubuntu 22.04 with windows active directory. We have used sssd and realmd module to join ubuntu 22.04 with active directory.

How to apply Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04?

Installation commands to support join AD

Note: Make sure DNS settings are correct before starting the process. DNS IP address of Ubuntu 22.04 should be IP address of Active Directory Server. Ping both the machines from each other to test the connectivity. Time should be matched on both the machines.

$ sudo apt update

Installation of packages required for domain joining of Ubuntu

$ sudo apt install sssd-ad sssd-tools realmd adcli

Check and verify the installed packages of sssd/realmd/adcli

$ apt policy sssd-ad sssd-tools realmd adcli

Check and Join domain with Ubuntu

Note: srv2019.sonoos.kb is server name of Windows Server 2019. Domain name sonoos.kb used in demo

$ realm discover srv2019.sonoos.kb

Joining Ubuntu to AD by using realm command

$ sudo realm join srv2019.sonoos.kb

Checking Domain joining status of Ubuntu using sssd.conf file

$ sudo nano /etc/sssd/sssd.conf

Run below command to create home directory when AD user login on Ubuntu

$ sudo pam-auth-update –enable mkhomedir

Checking domain joined or not by Ubuntu machine by following command.

$ sudo realm list

getent command to test AD user on Ubuntu

$ getent passwd sysadmin@sonoos.kb

Now you can try to login on Ubuntu using your AD credentials. Just reboot the system or switch users to login.

Faqs on Active Directory Support for Ubuntu

Can Ubuntu use Active Directory?

Yes, Ubuntu can use Active Directory to login and apply some of the group policy.

What is Active Directory Ubuntu install?

SSSD-Realmd-Adcli can be install in Ubuntu to Join Windows AD.

Is Active Directory available on Linux?

No, but we can join Ubuntu to Windows AD.

How do I join Ubuntu to a Windows domain?

We require SSSD,Realmd and Adcli to join Ubuntu to a Windows Domain.

How do I join Ubuntu 21.04 to Active Directory?

Same process can be followed to Joing Ubuntu 21.04 as we have shown for 22.04.

How do I authenticate a Linux server with Active Directory?

Ldap and Kerberos are used to authenticate AD user in Ubuntu.

Does Linux have group policy?

Yes, Adsys is new GPO client for Ubuntu. We can apply start-up script, change wallpaper and grant sudoers permission with Group Policy.

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