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How to set LG ac timer setting?

Every AC remote has multiple buttons for different functions. To turn on/off the air conditioner we have POWER button. Desired room temperature can be adjusted and we can set cooling, heading or auto changeover mode with TEMP button in middle of the remote. JET MODE can be used to change room temperature quickly. FAN SPEED button is available to adjust the fan speed only. Two SWING button are used to adjust the air flow direction vertically or horizontally.

LG AC Timer Setting and other functions

TIMER button to turn on/off air conditioner automatically at desired time. SET/CANCEL used for special functions and timer set or cancel. To cancel the timer settings use CANCEL button. Adjust time by pressing UP/DOWN button. *LIGHT is used for set the brightness of the display on the indoor unit. ROOM TEMP is used for to display room temperature in you wireless remote control.

Time needed: 1 minute.

To set timer in LG AC remote setting. Follow the steps mentioned.

  1. Press ON timer button

    By pressing ON timer button we are enabling AC switch ON timing.

  2. Press UP or DOWN button

    UP/Down button are used to adjust the desired time.

  3. Press SET/CLEAR button

    To set the desired button use SET button


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