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No Packages Were Eligible for install in Apple MAC OS X error

Are you reinstalling Apple Mac OS X in your old laptop but getting error “OS X could not be installed on your computer” and message appear “No packages were eligible for install, Contact the software manufacturer for assistance” and asking for quite the installer to restart your computer to try again installation in Macbook Pro or Macbook Mini or Macbook Air or in your Apple iMac PC.

Follow step by step guide to fix the error

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step by step guide to fix MacBook installation error.

  1. Hold option key of keyboard and right click on wireless icon on right side of your screen

    We need to disable wireless connection or you can switch off your WiFi router.

  2. Now go to left side of your screen and click on utility to select “terminal”

    In terminal window we are going to fire some command to set older date.

  3. On terminal screen type command: “date 0105200017”. You can experiment with date according to your laptop build.

    This command will set 05th Jan 2017 in apple laptop.

  4. After above time setting, we need to reboot our MacBook while make sure sure our WiFi is disabled or WiFi router is switched off.

    If Wifi is turned on this will Macbook will update the time from internet.

  5. Now we can resume the re-installation and problem will be fixed.

In Apple El Capitan. Os x could not be installed on you computer.

Os x could not be installed on you computer because certificate is no more supported. We need set an old date in terminal in troubleshooting mode.

Apple’s Solution for “Os x could not be installed on you computer

Grab an older version of OSx !!

If your Mac device is not compatible with latest macOS, you can grab an older version of macOS like Mojave, Catanlina, Sierra, High Sierra or EI Capitan. Use following link to download older version.

Hope our guide helped you in fixing the issue of No Packages Were Eligible for install.

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