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Laptop AMC

laptop amc for office

Today every business requires Technology to support their customers and sales operations. Computer and Laptop are common these days to enable work force to deliver their services. IT Devices are important part of all businesses and if these are down for some reason, it’s a huge loss of productivity for the organization. Managing operations without IT assets is impossible these days. Our Laptop and Computers are comes up with default warranty period of one year or three years. After warranty is over it is very expensive to get them repaired from brand. IT service provider and local vendors are very handy and charging minimum amount for Laptop AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

Today most businesses want to avoid situation where their employee work is disrupted because of breakdown of IT assets. Company hire IT professional team or annual maintenance contract are placed to deliver the results. IT systems budget must include AMC (annual maintenance) for every assets and service which is mandatory for functioning of business. Ignoring AMC may cost higher as emergency repair of laptop and computer expensive without AMC.

What is AMC ? 

AMC is an annual contract between Business and a computer and laptop repair company which is specialist in AMC support. All or selective assets can be selected for AMC. Most companies include computer, laptop, printers, and servers. The SARA’s AMC also include schedule visit in regular interval to check the health of IT assets. Many reports are provided like intendent reported in a year and cost saved by service provider in IT assets. AMC service provider make sure computer and laptop problems are resolved on time.

Annual Maintenance Contract types :

  • Non-comprehensive
  • Comprehensive 


Comprehensive AMCs : is bit overcharged as compare to non-comprehensive as it not only cover service but also include spare parts replacement. AMC service provider will arrange all parts required for fixing the reported issue of IT assets.


Non-comprehensive AMCs : is cost effective solution as its charges are less in comparison of Comprehensive AMC but its only applicable for service only and not for spare parts. Cost of spare parts will be bear by the company not the service provider.


Meanwhile a computer/laptop AMC service offers multiple types of IT support options such as software support, hardware support, operating system support, antivirus support, printer support, firewall support, network support and much more. There are many benefits of computer AMC/laptop :-

Benefits of Computer and Laptop AMC


  • Periodically system check-up to avoid sudden downtime
  • Pay once and use multiple time during contract period
  • No need search different service provider each time for repair
  • Keeps your systems up to date & running
  • No need to purchase new assets 
  • Cuts down the IT Infrastructure costs


SARA Laptop Repair is top rated service provider for AMC of computer and laptop. We have brand certified engineer and having year of experience in this field. SARA is providing AMC in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon. We have thousands of laptop and computer in our AMC coverage. 


Reasons to select SARA Laptop Repair for your Computer AMC needs !!!


  • SARA perform routine check ups to ensure your system keep running in desired state.
  • We are using genuine and branded parts.
  • Dedicated support service desk for AMC
  • Timely repairing of parts and assets which create problem
  • Regular security emailer to avoid any hacking of your systems.
  • SARA provide free consultation on future IT related decisions.

Feel free to contact us at +91 9871878355 or email us at sara.noida53@gmail.com for a cost effective, Computer AMC Services in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon.

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