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Step by Step solution for Invalid_grant and Bad Request for WP Mail SMTP

After successfully configuring the famous SMTP plugin for WordPress it is start throwing error. It will ask to re-enable access by clicking the button “Allow Plugin to send email using your google acount”. Here in this blog post we will learn how to resolve this common problem wp mail smtp invalid_grant with WordPress SMTP.

WP Mail SMTP plugin error

EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR: the plugin WP Mail SMTP v2.7.0 logged this error during the last time it tried to send an email:

Mailer: Gmail


“error”: “invalid_grant”,

“error_description”: “Bad Request”


Please re-grant Google app permissions!

Go to WP Mail SMTP plugin settings page. Click the “Remove Connection” button.

Then click the “Allow plugin to send emails using your Google account” button and re-enable access.

Why we receive this error “”?

Because google authentication token has expired and we need authenticate the app again. Google sys it hasn’t verified this app. We need not to visit google console for this we just need to press the button “Allow Plugin to send email using your google acount”.

WP Mail SMTP is well known plugin and we can say most of WordPress site use this plugin to send SMTP email. We need to follow below steps to re authenticate with google account and eliminate wp mail smtp invalid_grant.

  1. Go to WP Mail SMTP settings as shown below and click (Remove Connection) on Authorization section.

  2. Now it will show you an option called “Allow Plugin to send emails using your Google Account ” when you are still in WP Mail SMTP settings under Autorization.

  3. After clicking on Allow Plugin button it open below screen, make sure you choose account wherein you have created google console token for your WP Mail SMTP.

  4. Next screen will show the actual problem that “Google hasn’t verified this app”, please press continue

  5. Now press Allow on Grant wpmailsmtp.com permission page. We are giving permission of Read,Compose,send and permanently delete all your email from Gmail.

  6. Next page we allow by confirming our choice.

  7. Now save settings and test testing by going to Email Test option on setting page of WP SMTP.

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