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Update only applies to machines with the WSL

WSL2 installation error Windows subsystem for Linux update setup that this update only applies to machines with the WSL. This bug is encountered during installation or enabling WLS2 on windows 10 Machine.

What is WSL2?

WSL2 is Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. Its VM which is light weight and uses latest and best virtualization technology to run a lightweight Linux kernel image inside windows 10 machine. Specially crafted by Linux and Windows team to give best experience. It is not supporting GUI in default installation but later we can install GUI binaries for user experience. Installation of WSL2 is very straight forward and took three or four clicks to get it started.

WSL2 Architecture Design in Windows 10 !!

VMs of Hyper-V/Virtual Box and VMWare player can be slow while booting up as they are more resource hungry. In short other VMs require great efforts to manage and full technical skills but WSL2 provide light weight VM which is created behind the scenes.

Default Path of WSL2 installation: “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Packages\”

Eventually WSL2 has all the features available under WSL1 version and it can runs with current versions of VMware and VirtualBox. Integration between Windows and Linux machine is same as WSL1.

Procedure to fix the issue of “error related to the WSL” :-

Time needed: 2 minutes.

We have fixed same error by following below method. Simple steps can be followed by anyone to get it resolved by yourself.

  1. Open “turn windows features on or off”

  2. Uncheck both “Virtual Machine Platform” and “Windows subsystem for Linux” and press OK

  3. Reboot your system

  4. Open “turn windows features on or off” again

  5. Now check both “Virtual Machine Platform” and “Windows subsystem for Linux” and press OK

  6. Reboot your system again

  7. Now run the wsl_update_x64.msi again, it should install successfully now

How to install Ubuntu 22.10 on WSL in Windows 11

Frequently Asked Question about WSL2 !!!

How to check version of WSL2?

Got to command prompt and type:
wsl -l -v

How to stop all WSL2 instance quickly?

Type command:-
wsl –shutdown

How to find status of WSL2 running or stopped?

Type command:-
wsl –list –running
wsl –list -stopped
wsl -l -v

What can we do with Windows Subsystem for Linux?

We can run multiple Linux machine simultaneously in windows with Windows system for Linux. We can run LAMP and Java application and do development on Linux machine. WSL is prefect for developer as its provide Visual Studio Code integration.

How do I enable Microsoft subsystem in Linux?

Search for turn windows features on or off in search bar of windows. Select and check virtual machine platform and windows subsystem for Linux.

Other Resources:-

Windows 10 Guide for WSL2

Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10 by using following command in PowerShell.

Error wsl_update_x64.msi unable to run because “This update only applies to machines with the WSL2”. Secondly you can try our above video to fix this issue.

Error: wsl_update_x64.msi

Move existing WSL2 installation to D: drive | WSL2’s ext4.vhdx file default path change

WSL2 by default installed in C: drive and there is no straight forward option to move it to different driver. In below video we have successfully move ext4.vhdx file to D: drive by modifying one registry key. Channing registry is very technical thing so make sure you take backup before making any change.

Registry Path for WSL2 installation. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lxss\

We need to change Basepath location to D: drive after moving the ext4.vhdx file to D: drive.

Default location of WSL2 installation is c:\ drive. Example path:- C:\Users\sonooskb\AppData\Local\Packages\TheDebianProject.DebianGNULinux_76v4gfsz19hv4\LocalState

Feedback on Github.com for Update only applies to machines with the WSL .

How to install Ubuntu 22.10 on WSL in Windows 11

Do you want to know how to install Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) on WSL in Windows 11 or Windows 10. Kinetic Kudu is Codename of new Ubuntu release. We will show you in this step by step tutorial.

WSL is very famous among Developers and DevOps since it launched. Now even people who are learning Linux also liking Windows Subsystem for Linux. WSL is light wight Virtual Machine or Distro, which is very easy to launch or configure and install in your laptop.

Windows Subsystem for Linux is only supporting up to Ubuntu 20.04. You can verify by running following command in PowerShell and confirm its output.

PS C:\Users\sonook> wsl -l -o

Above command is used to check the available distro that we can install in a Windows 10/11 machine. The following is a list of valid distributions that can be installed. Install using ‘wsl –install -d ‘.

Ubuntu Ubuntu
Debian Debian GNU/Linux
kali-linux Kali Linux Rolling
openSUSE-42 openSUSE Leap 42
SLES-12 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12
Ubuntu-16.04 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Ubuntu-18.04 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu-20.04 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

How to install Ubuntu 22.10 if it not available in Distro list?

Yes you are right if it is not available in the above list how we can install Ubuntu 22.10 with command “wsl –install -d Ubuntu-22.10”. Don’t worry just follow our article and you are able to install Ubuntu 22.10 in Windows 11 with your WSL.

How to apply Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04?

How to Join Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory

Prerequisites for installing Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) with WSL

First, we need to install Ubuntu 22.04 on WSL windows 11. Follow below steps to install Ubuntu 22.04 on WSL in Windows 11.

Video: WSL Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installation in Windows 11

  1. Open Microsoft Store
  2. Search WSL in search bar
  3. You will get option for Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, Click Install
  4. Now as we installed Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS on WSL in Windows 11, ready for Kinetic Kudu
Microsoft Store WSL Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Installation

If you want to download ISO and install Ubuntu 22.10 on your desktop without WSL. Use below link to download.

Direct Download Link Of Ubuntu 22.10

Step by step instruction for WSL Ubuntu 22.10 Installation

As we have followed above prerequisites and install WSL Ubuntu 22.04, now its time follow below instruction to setup WSL Ubuntu 22.10:-

  1. Open Microsoft Store again and now open Ubuntu 22.04

  2. Now it will open Ubuntu 22.04 in new black screen or PowerShell screen and verify Ubuntu version

  3. Now run following command to upgrade Ubuntu 22.04 to Ubuntu 22.10 in WSL

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
    sudo do-release-upgrade

  4. sudo do-release-upgrade “May give below error message”

    Checking for a new Ubuntu release
    In /etc/update-manager/release-upgrade Prompt
    is set to never so upgrading is not possible

  5. Now open “/etc/update-manager/release-upgrade” in text editor

    like sudo nano /etc/update-manager/release-upgrade
    and in the bottom set “Prompt=normal”

  6. Re run sudo do-release-upgrade and this time it will upgrade successful to Ubuntu 22.10

    After upgrade process complete, fire restart command to restart.

  7. After restarting now list the Distros “wsl -l -v”. You might not see the Ubuntu 22.10 in the list but when you start your distro “wsl -d Ubuntu-22.04” you will find out this is upgraded to Ubuntu 22.10

Now process of Installing Ubuntu 22.10 on WSL in Windows 11 has been complete, please leave your comments for support and any troubleshooting.

How to Join Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory

Process for Domain Join Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory is very easy and straight forward. Ubuntu 22.04 is latest version of Ubuntu which is come along with lots of new features and enhanced user interface. Earlier integration of Ubuntu with Windows Active Directory is very limited to login process only. Now with latest version of Ubuntu we can do more than login process like applying group policy with Adsys.

Here is step by step process in which we can learn how to join Ubuntu 22.04 with windows active directory. We have used sssd and realmd module to join ubuntu 22.04 with active directory.

How to apply Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04?

Installation commands to support join AD

Note: Make sure DNS settings are correct before starting the process. DNS IP address of Ubuntu 22.04 should be IP address of Active Directory Server. Ping both the machines from each other to test the connectivity. Time should be matched on both the machines.

$ sudo apt update

Installation of packages required for domain joining of Ubuntu

$ sudo apt install sssd-ad sssd-tools realmd adcli

Check and verify the installed packages of sssd/realmd/adcli

$ apt policy sssd-ad sssd-tools realmd adcli

Check and Join domain with Ubuntu

Note: srv2019.sonoos.kb is server name of Windows Server 2019. Domain name sonoos.kb used in demo

$ realm discover srv2019.sonoos.kb

Joining Ubuntu to AD by using realm command

$ sudo realm join srv2019.sonoos.kb

Checking Domain joining status of Ubuntu using sssd.conf file

$ sudo nano /etc/sssd/sssd.conf

Run below command to create home directory when AD user login on Ubuntu

$ sudo pam-auth-update –enable mkhomedir

Checking domain joined or not by Ubuntu machine by following command.

$ sudo realm list

getent command to test AD user on Ubuntu

$ getent passwd sysadmin@sonoos.kb

Now you can try to login on Ubuntu using your AD credentials. Just reboot the system or switch users to login.

Faqs on Active Directory Support for Ubuntu

Can Ubuntu use Active Directory?

Yes, Ubuntu can use Active Directory to login and apply some of the group policy.

What is Active Directory Ubuntu install?

SSSD-Realmd-Adcli can be install in Ubuntu to Join Windows AD.

Is Active Directory available on Linux?

No, but we can join Ubuntu to Windows AD.

How do I join Ubuntu to a Windows domain?

We require SSSD,Realmd and Adcli to join Ubuntu to a Windows Domain.

How do I join Ubuntu 21.04 to Active Directory?

Same process can be followed to Joing Ubuntu 21.04 as we have shown for 22.04.

How do I authenticate a Linux server with Active Directory?

Ldap and Kerberos are used to authenticate AD user in Ubuntu.

Does Linux have group policy?

Yes, Adsys is new GPO client for Ubuntu. We can apply start-up script, change wallpaper and grant sudoers permission with Group Policy.

Reference resources:-

How to apply Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04?

After release of Ubuntu 22.04 in April 2022, Ubuntu and Microsoft are now supporting the much awaited feature of Applying Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04. Now joining Active Directory by Ubuntu 22.04 is made easy and also supporting offline login by the AD user in Ubuntu 22.04. Our previous article on Active Directory Joining by Ubuntu is very much appreciated by the community.

There are three prerequisite to apply Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04.

First prerequisite is join Ubuntu to Active Directory.

Second is Adsys client installation on Ubuntu client machines.

Third is Ubuntu Advantage subscription for the privilege management and remote scripts execution features.

Finally we need not to install anything on Windows Server to support GPO on Ubuntu except adml and admx file import to support GPMC template for Ubuntu.

How to install Ubuntu 22.10 on WSL in Windows 11

Packages to be install on Ubuntu 22.04

Following package are required by Ubuntu client machine to support Active Directory integration with Ubuntu 22.04.

  1. Adsys
  2. SSSD

sudo apt update

Installing SSSD and its required packages:-

sudo apt install sssd-ad sssd-tools realmd adcli

Installing Adsys:-

sudo apt install adsys

Time needed: 10 minutes.

After installing SSSD and Adsys. Let us look at the below method to verify, join and apply GPO on Ubuntu 22.04:-

  1. Verify ping and port connectivity with Active Directory Domain Controller system from Ubuntu client machine

    telnet srv2019.sonoos.kb 389
    ping sonoos.kb
    LDAP TCP – 389
    LDAP for Global Catalog TCP- 3268
    SAM/LSA TCP – 445
    W32Time NTP UDP – 123
    DNS – TCP and UDP 53
    Kerberos V5 UDP- 88

  2. Use realm discover command to discover Domain Controller | Domain Controller Name: srv2019 | Domain Name: sonoos.kb

    realm discover srv2019.sonoos.kb

  3. Use realm join command to join Window Active Directory Domain | Domain Controller Name: srv2019 | Domain Name: sonoos.kb

    sudo realm join srv2019.sonoos.kb
    Provide Windows Server Domain administrator account password to join AD.

  4. Verify sssd.conf file for domain join status of Ubuntu client machine.

    sudo nano /etc/sssd/sssd.conf
    It is successful join if output contains information about your domain, nss and pam.

  5. Create Home directory of ubuntu active directory account/user by pam-auth command

    sudo pam-auth-update –enable mkhomedir

  6. Now go to Domain Controller and verify that computer name of Ubuntu is added in Computer OU in Active Directory Users and Computers.

  7. If computer account for Ubuntu client machine has been created now try to log on Ubuntu Client machine with domain user like in my demo i have used bob@sonoos.kb

  8. After successfully login of AD account on Ubuntu verify pwd and whoami command output.

  9. Now its time to configure group policy for ubuntu client machine, follow above mentioned command to install GPO client:

    sudo apt install adsys

  10. Verify realm list before applying GPO on Ubuntu Client | Output should contains information related to your domain

    sudo realm list

  11. To generate admx and adml file for Ubuntu run following command in terminal:-

    adsysctl policy admx all
    Now two file will be created on current directory (Ubuntu.admx and Ubuntu.adml).

  12. Move both files to Domain Controller. Paste file Ubuntu.admx file to \sysvol\domain\policies\policydefinitions folder of domain controller. Paste Ubuntu.adml to \sysvol\domain\policies\policydefinitions\en-US folder.

  13. Now its time to apply first group policy on ubuntu. Move your Ubuntu Client Computer Name to New OU (Ubuntu Clients) in AD Server. After moving computer account to new OU. Go to GPMC.msc and link new GPO.

  14. Now after linking new GPO on Ubuntu Client OU.

  15. In this step we are providing sudoers permissions to normal AD users for Ubuntu login via GPO setting Client Administrators.

  16. Let us use command to push group policy on Ubuntu.

    adsysctl policy update -av

  17. Verify GPO applied on Ubuntu with command:-

    adsysctl policy update –details

  18. Now login again with AD user bob@sonoos.kb in Ubuntu client and see, bob has all the sudoers permissions.

FAQ on Ubuntu and Active Directory Integrations

How do we use Group Policy in Ubuntu?

Adsys is client for Ubuntu to support Group Policy Implementation.

Can I apply Group Policy in Linux?

Not on Linux but on Ubuntu it is supported since April 2022.

Does Ubuntu support Active Directory Integration?

Yes, Ubuntu and Microsoft has now integration for Group Policy support on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to get admx and adml file for Ubuntu GPO?

We can download admx and adml files from Github or use command adsysctl policy admx all

What is SSSD in Ubuntu?

SSSD stands for System Security Services Daemon, its support:-
Active Directory Integration with Ubuntu

Do we need any Ubuntu Subscription for applying Group Policy on Ubuntu 22.04?

Yes we need Ubuntu Advantage subscription for applying GPO on Ubuntu.

How to Join Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory

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