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Turn Off RST

[Resolved]Turn off RST while installing Ubuntu in new or old laptop

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I bought my new Acer laptop from online store (https://amazon.com) with DOS (Disk Operating System). Initially I was planning to install Windows 11 + Ubuntu (dual boot) on it but later I had decided to install Ubuntu 20.04 only. Since installation of Ubuntu 20.04 is straight forward and need not to call our IT Support guys for this simple task. Later become nightmare when I was start getting this error message “Turn Off RST” .

Full Error Message was like:-

This computer uses Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology). You need to turn off RST before installing Ubuntu. For instruction, open this page on a phone or other device: help.ubuntu.com/rst

How I was able to fix?

Somebody suggested to raise a support ticket in Acer Support but surprisingly they are not able to provide proper solution. I was thinking about to return it to Amazon.com as it was new and under return period. But I did some research and found below solution.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Are you facing Turn Off RST error while installation of Ubuntu or Linux version on your laptop. Error “This computer uses Intel RST(Rapid Storage Technology)” you need to turn off RST before installing ubuntu .You tried every thing but unable to find any solution. Following steps can be taken to get rid of this error or watch video.

  1. Reboot your laptop or desktop

    by pressing restart green button on installation screen.

  2. Go to BIOS Option

    Different PC or Laptop haven different key or key combination to go to BIOS option. Most common are F2/F10 keys. Please search google to get the exact key combination to enter in the BIOS.

  3. Go to MAIN Option in BIOS

    In my laptop as it is ACER i have an option called MAIN. You may have different name in your system BIOS. Please check or let me know in comment if you need help on this.

  4. Press key Ctrl+S on your keyboard

    This will enable hidden option called SATA Mode in your system BIOS.

  5. Select AHCI

    Other option available are Optane without RAID and Optane with RAID, please ignore them and select AHCI

  6. Now press F10 to save changes

    F10 is key used in BIOS to save changes which we have made.

  7. Reboot your PC/Laptop/Desktop

    After reboot and start installation again your Turn Off RST error will be gone.

But what if you want to setup dual boot with RST?

Follow my below video for installation of windows 11 and Ubuntu after turn off RST error. Follow steps with caution as it may break Windows OS.

Sonoo’s KB YouTube Channel

What is Intel RST Software !!

The Intel® RST software is the major component of the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Suite. The software includes the Intel® RST AHCI and RAID 64-bit drivers for supported Windows* operating systems. The driver supports several Intel® Serial ATA AHCI/RAID controllers and will recognize each unique device ID and sub-class code. Because of this, the driver must be installed before the Windows* operating system is installed onto a RAID volume or a single SATA hard drive connected to the RAID controller. The driver, in conjunction with the Intel® RST UI, provides RAID volume management (create, delete, migrate, etc.) within the Windows* operating system. It also displays SATA* device and RAID volume information. Included with the software package is the RAID monitor service that monitors and reports various events of the storage subsystem. Other advanced features supported include System Acceleration with Intel® Optane™ technology.

**Above column’s text taken from Intel website.

FAQ on Turn Off RST

Q: How to Turn Off RST in Dell Laptop?

A: This video and tutorial will help in Dell Laptop as well, may be options are with other name.

Q: How to Turn Off RST in Lenovo Laptop?

A: Yes this will help in Lenovo laptop as well.

Q: What about dual boot of Windows + Linux?

A: We need to set some registry settings in Windows, I am preparing a brief video and blog post on this subject soon.

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