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Update only applies to machines with the WSL

WSL2 installation error Windows subsystem for Linux update setup that this update only applies to machines with the WSL. This bug is encountered during installation or enabling WLS2 on windows 10 Machine.

What is WSL2?

WSL2 is Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. Its VM which is light weight and uses latest and best virtualization technology to run a lightweight Linux kernel image inside windows 10 machine. Specially crafted by Linux and Windows team to give best experience. It is not supporting GUI in default installation but later we can install GUI binaries for user experience. Installation of WSL2 is very straight forward and took three or four clicks to get it started.

WSL2 Architecture Design in Windows 10 !!

VMs of Hyper-V/Virtual Box and VMWare player can be slow while booting up as they are more resource hungry. In short other VMs require great efforts to manage and full technical skills but WSL2 provide light weight VM which is created behind the scenes.

Default Path of WSL2 installation: “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Packages\”

Eventually WSL2 has all the features available under WSL1 version and it can runs with current versions of VMware and VirtualBox. Integration between Windows and Linux machine is same as WSL1.

Procedure to fix the issue of “error related to the WSL” :-

Time needed: 2 minutes.

We have fixed same error by following below method. Simple steps can be followed by anyone to get it resolved by yourself.

  1. Open “turn windows features on or off”

  2. Uncheck both “Virtual Machine Platform” and “Windows subsystem for Linux” and press OK

  3. Reboot your system

  4. Open “turn windows features on or off” again

  5. Now check both “Virtual Machine Platform” and “Windows subsystem for Linux” and press OK

  6. Reboot your system again

  7. Now run the wsl_update_x64.msi again, it should install successfully now

How to install Ubuntu 22.10 on WSL in Windows 11

Frequently Asked Question about WSL2 !!!

How to check version of WSL2?

Got to command prompt and type:
wsl -l -v

How to stop all WSL2 instance quickly?

Type command:-
wsl –shutdown

How to find status of WSL2 running or stopped?

Type command:-
wsl –list –running
wsl –list -stopped
wsl -l -v

What can we do with Windows Subsystem for Linux?

We can run multiple Linux machine simultaneously in windows with Windows system for Linux. We can run LAMP and Java application and do development on Linux machine. WSL is prefect for developer as its provide Visual Studio Code integration.

How do I enable Microsoft subsystem in Linux?

Search for turn windows features on or off in search bar of windows. Select and check virtual machine platform and windows subsystem for Linux.

Other Resources:-

Windows 10 Guide for WSL2

Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10 by using following command in PowerShell.

Error wsl_update_x64.msi unable to run because “This update only applies to machines with the WSL2”. Secondly you can try our above video to fix this issue.

Error: wsl_update_x64.msi

Move existing WSL2 installation to D: drive | WSL2’s ext4.vhdx file default path change

WSL2 by default installed in C: drive and there is no straight forward option to move it to different driver. In below video we have successfully move ext4.vhdx file to D: drive by modifying one registry key. Channing registry is very technical thing so make sure you take backup before making any change.

Registry Path for WSL2 installation. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lxss\

We need to change Basepath location to D: drive after moving the ext4.vhdx file to D: drive.

Default location of WSL2 installation is c:\ drive. Example path:- C:\Users\sonooskb\AppData\Local\Packages\TheDebianProject.DebianGNULinux_76v4gfsz19hv4\LocalState

Feedback on Github.com for Update only applies to machines with the WSL .

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