How to build your laptop at your own?

Did you know assembling your own Laptop is as easy as assembling your PC/Desktop.

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Please note components of Laptop are much smaller than the parts of your PC or Desktop. They are not compatible with each other.

List of components required to build your Laptop.

Barebone Laptop


SSD storage


Graphic Card

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Laptop Full

Barebone Laptop is the chassis of Laptop. By default it comes with a motherboard, screen, power assembly and keyboard.


If your work requires high graphics then you need to install a graphic card.


For storage we always recommend SSD (solid state drives) as they are faster than legacy hard disk drives.


Intel or AMD processors can be used based on your usage and requirement of processing power.


Last but not least, 16 GB memory or RAM is recommended according to OS and modern day application requirements.


Take Barebone Laptop unscrew it back and open its cover and place all components one by one in power off state.

Install the operating system of your choice by burning the ISO file to removal storage.