How to get Merge Mansion Thanksgiving couch

Merge Mansion is  a mobile game for android and ios released in 2022.

Its a puzzle game in which player complete tasks as Maddie whose grandmother owns the mansion

The Thanksgiving couch is one of many many items that you can get

This item is much more important as it drops another item that you need to complete one of the event tasks

To get the thanksgiving couch you need to obtain napkins and merge those to level 6

Now you need to merge kitchenware to get dutch owen.You also have to create Charcuterie,fruit bouquet.

Now merge: Deviled Eggs > Dinner Rolls > Gravy > Mashed Potatoes > Green Bean Casserole > Corn on the Cob > Roast Turkey > Plate Full of Food

Now you will get the couch.The final item it gives is the Keepsake box needed in box full of secret task.