Laptop Repair at your Own

Sometime its normal that laptop repairing at home is possible by just opening and re-inserting of laptop parts. Example like memory or hard disk.


Screwdriver  tool kit

External DVD WR/RW

Pry Opening Tool Kit

Digital Multimeter

PAN Drive

How to repair at our own


Use laptop screwdriver tool kit to open the laptop body part. After opening the body spot the memory module and remove RAM/memory and re-insert back to module.

Fixing boot issue


External DVD WR/RW or Pendrive can be used to boot the system to repairing mode. Windows boot error are fixed in repairing mode.

screen replacement


Pry Opening Tool Kit are used to open the laptop screen and used for safely opening the laptop screen. But we never recommend of opening the screen.

Final Thought

Many time repairing of laptop at home is successful but it is always a good idea to get it repaired from experts.


google map can be used to search laptop repair near me

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