Oneplus keyboard 81 pro: Windows and Mac OS compatible.

Data: 26/09/2023

Are you looking for a keyboard that will never break after being dropped?

Is your keyboard getting damaged again and again?

So now such a metal Oneplus keyboard has come in. the market which never gets damaged after falling. OnePlus always brings something new in the market. which is priced at Rs 17,999.

OnePlus has made it in to metal body, its weight is around 2 kg. Even if this oneplus keyboard 81 pro falls, it will not break due to its metal body.

Oneplus keyboard 81 pro With this you will get an allenkey and a high quality C type USB cable red color. If you do not have C type then you can also install the USB connector with it.

Some extra keys will also be available with this oneplus keyboard for Windows and Mac OS compatible.which you can easily change.I have never seen such a keyboard.

The key that is installed inside it is of keychron because OnePlus has made this keyboard along with keychron.As I was telling you that this is a fully customizable keyboard.

Why is 81 used in this model? Because with this keyboard we get 81 key.There are lots of different RGB light effects inside this keyboard due to which you can travel easily.

You can change the color of the lights inside the keyboard by pressing F & + Q. And by pressing F&+Tab You can also turn the keyboard light on and off.

 If you want to increase or decrease the keyboard light, you can use F&+w and F&+s. And this keyboard does not require any dedicated is a website and if you go there, 

  this keyboard will detect it. OnePlus keyboard can connect to three devices simultaneously It has some shortcut keys F1, F2, and F3