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About Us

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SARA LAPTOP REPAIR is a top rated and professional laptop computer repair services company. We
are serving Noida/Noida Extension/Delhi and Gurgaon for over 10 years. We have the biggest service center
for Apple laptops and computer desktop repair.

SARA provides you with the top quality repairing for Laptop and Computer. We have number one
choice when it comes to AMC service for home or business users.

We have qualified and brand certified engineers are all expert in troubleshoot and fix any know or
unknown issue related to brands like Dell, Apple, Sony, HP, Lenovo and many more brands.

We are on time as well as on site repair service provider with the lowest price of computer repair in the
town. We run a special discount on our services from time to time for providing the best value for money to our
customers. Stay connected to our social profile so that you can avail these offers.

Call us anytime; we are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 9871878355.


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We Provides First Class Services

We are offers a complete devices service which includes little expensive tools, equipments. Which help us to repairing phones in much convient way.


We are providing different services in this sector to wide


We are proud to protect your organization with our

Production 90%
Design 80%

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More Than 3000

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We Offer Best Mobile, PC, Mac
Repairing Services.

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We Are ISO Certified Company

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