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How to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp

Have you ever deleted a photo or video from WhatsApp? And now you are wishing to get them back without any third-party application. Today you are going to learn how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp using our simple steps.

WhatsApp photos and videos sharing are one of the oldest features of the number one messaging app. People are using WhatsApp photos sharing feature for sharing with their family and friends.

In this article we will try how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp without backup and with backup both. Stay with us and follow our step by step guide for WhatsApp tips.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here are the simple steps to follow for recovering your WhatsApp’s deleted photos.

  1. Photos app of your mobile Android/Apple device can be used as there is an option of “recently deleted”. Which we can use to find our deleted media of WhatsApp and restore it back to original location.

    recently deleted whatsapp photos

  2. Cloud storage like Google Drive/Apple iCloud also handy in recovering deleted photos and videos of WhatsApp.

  3. WhatsApp chat backup is automated mechanism to take full daily backup of your chats and media. Check the last backup date and see if you have deleted it after last backup then you can recover it from last chat backup. Just delete/uninstall the WhatsApp and reinstall and follow the step for reconfiguring it again there you will get an option to restore chat backup.

    WhatsApp backup recovery

  4. If you are not too late you can also ask the WhatsApp sender of photo to resend it.

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