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Why MacBook are not for gaming

Why MacBook are not for gaming | Explained

Because Macs are not actually meant for gaming, their design focuses on handling thoughtful workloads and heavy applications. Apple made these macs for people who are professionals and who would prioritize performance and battery life more than playing games.

MacBooks have gained widespread recognition for their sleek design, remarkable battery life, exceptional performance, and outstanding reliability. You would never hear anyone say that macs are made for gaming.

Apple MacBook: Personalized Exclusively for Optimal Performance and not for Gaming

The Apple silicon-based chips are very well optimized for heavy workloads like video editing, photo editing, building applications, graphic designing. MacBook’s are always superior to windows laptop in running heavy applications, battery life, design and life expectancy. When buying a MacBook, you could expect around 5-7 years of good performance without much need for any repair.

Why MacBook are not for gaming of young Gamers!!

Macs are not for young gamers, they are simply not made for gaming and because of this their game library is small to in comparison to windows game library. The games you could find for your mac are available on Steam and Apple’s own Mac App Store. The macOS does not support compatibility with AAA games, regardless of the amount of RAM you allocate to your MacBook Pro. AAA titles is not possible, except for the Metro series, which has been optimized for Apple Silicon chips.

Unveiling the Gaming Possibilities of MacBook: Your Ultimate Guide

There are still ways through which you can play windows game on your MacBook but it might degrade your performance of your MacBook.

Why MacBook are not for gaming?

If you require the performance power of a MacBook and enjoy playing simple games, the affordable MacBook models are perfect. They may not handle demanding AAA titles, but they offer an amazing experience. These M1 and M2 chips completely outperforms the previous Intel based MacBook. They are opening the possibility to be able to play games on this sleek aluminum build laptops. Now users can play macOS optimized games without having to sacrifice the amazing features of the MacBook.

Which MacBook is best for gaming?

While choosing a MacBook the buyer has to choose from two different types of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Air, as the entry-level model, offers a fanless and highly portable design, making it the go-to choice for frequent travelers and individuals who become annoyed when their laptop’s fan kicks up. But having no fans has its own disadvantages. Fans in a laptop serve a specific purpose as they actively cool the internal components during heavy workloads. Failure to dissipate heat adequately can significantly impact the performance of the device due to overheating. So, you need to make sure that your MacBook Air does not run out of RAM or else it would thermal throttle and this throttling can decrease the life expectancy of your MacBook.

MacBook Air with the M1 or the M2 chip can run the indie games from steam library without much trouble. Therefore, if you intend to purchase the MacBook Air, we recommend that you opt for a higher RAM capacity at the time of purchase since upgrading the RAM after buying is not possible for this model.

The MacBook Pro on the other hand is for professionals and is not fan less, making it more suitable for heavier workload and playing games. The fan makes the difference by reducing the thermal throttle and allowing a smoother experience while gaming and doing any ram hungry task. The MacBook Pro comes with the M2 Pro and the M2 Max chip which will provide better performance than the M1 and M2 chips that the MacBook Air has.


In the end it really comes down to you and your needs.

We have following recommendations:-

  • MacBook Air: For daily use, such as sending emails, streaming Netflix, and YouTube. It’s a suitable choice for students or individuals who prefer not to opt for a Windows laptop.
  • MacBook Pro: People who don’t want to give up on gaming.

The MacBook is not for you if you want to enjoy all the latest AAA titles.


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