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How to convert laptop to TV?

convert laptop to TV

There aren’t many options in this case, but of course there are few ways. let’s take a quick look at them. We are going to discuss all the possibility to convert laptop to TV. We recommend tv screen size 17″ inches for better experience.


  • Get yourself a TV tuner card which is compatible to your laptops operating system and also have appropriate input connections to your TV.
  • Now install the software and drivers that came with the tv tuner card.
  • Insert the TV tuner card into an available USB port on your laptop.
  • Launch the TV tuner card software on your laptop and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device and scan for the available channels

Windows & MacOS TV Apps

With Movies & TV in Microsoft Store on Windows 10,11, you can rent or buy the latest hit movies and commercial-free TV shows and watch them using the Movies & TV app on your Windows devices.

How to install Movies & TV

Follow bellow method to install Movies & TV on your laptop.

  1. Open Microsoft store and search TV in search box
  2. The search result will show Movies & TV, click on install.
  3. Installation will take some time
  4. Open Movies & TV to play movie and tv show

You can install Apple TV on a Apple Mac Laptop and play your favorite movie and TV show.

Convert laptop to TV with OTT Apps

Microsoft Store and iTunes have following apps to convert laptop to TV.

  1. Prime Video for Windows
  2. Netflix
  3. ColorsTV
  4. YouTube

Using the HDMI cable

  1. Make sure that your laptop and TV both have an HDMI port. Though most modern laptops and tv’s these days do have at least one HDMI port.
  2. Now turn off both your laptop and tv.
  3. Take one end of HDMI cable and connect it to your laptop’s HDMI port, which is usually located on side or back of the laptop. Connect the other end of HDMI cable to your tv.
  4. Do note the HDMI cable you have used, as you will need to select it on your tv later.
  5. Now switch your tv on, as you’ll be asked to select the HDMI input, select the one you have connected your laptop to.
  6. Turn on your laptop. Your laptop screen must be displaying on your tv now and in case not, you may need to go to your laptop’s display setting.


Please share your choice of App to convert laptop to TV

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