Which laptop is best under 5000?

laptop under 5000

Finding the Best Laptops Under 5000 – Few Options, but Worth Considering!

If you’re on a tight budget, 5000 might not seem like much to spend on a laptop. However, let’s explore the available options within this price range. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to consider buying a second-hand or refurbished laptop to fit within this budget.

Laptop brands and models under 5000!!

1.HP Pavillion G4

Configuration: AMD CPU, DDR3 2Gb Ram,320 GB HDD, Bluetooth / 14.0-inch Display Windows 8

Launch Year:2012

Price range: 5000-8000

2. Dell Inspiron N5150

Configuration: Intel Core i3 2nd Gen /4Gb Ram, HD Display/ 15.6 inch Display, Black Windows 7

Launch Year:2010

Price range: 5000-8500

3. Lenovo Idea pad Z580

Configuration: Intel(R) Core/ i5-3210M CPU  2.50GHz Nvidia Graphics

DDR 3, 4GB Ram, 250 Gb SSD, With HD Camera/Bluetooth / Hdmi / Windows 10

Launch Year:2014

Price range: 5000-9000

Where to buy laptop under 5000?

  • You can contact the local laptop repair shop for a second-hand laptop within a limited budget.
  • OLX is a very good option where you can buy or sale second hand laptop in cheap price.
  • Amazon.in is go for choice if we are looking for refurbished laptop.
  • Flipkart also keeps refurbished laptops, but their price range is more than 5K.
  • Cashify is new platform where people can sale or purchase their laptop and mobile. There are changes to get laptop in 5 thousand rupees.

Free Laptop Schemes

Many times, state and central governments are promising new schemes for free laptops for bright students of there constituencies. Same type of scheme was launch in MP (Madhya Pradesh) for free laptops. Not every state or central governments have this scheme, please check your respective State for such schemes.

Convert your mobile or tablet into Laptop

If you have only 5000 rupees budget and looking for laptop then we have yet another option to convert our tablet or mobile into laptop. We just require Bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse and very easily we can convert our handheld device into laptop.

Suggested converter: Bluetooth Keyboard-Mouse Converter for Smartphone/Tablet

Laptop under 10000-20000

We have many options available if we have budget of 10000-20000. Refurbished and Renewed laptop are available on Amazon.in. Here is the comprehensive list:-

“Do you have any recommendations for the best laptops under 5000? Let us know in the comments!”

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